Humans and Bots Thurs 8th June 2017, York

Previously… DotYork

13th February 2017

When we started DotYork it was with the intention of running events for people who made websites. Now, after three conferences, I want to broaden the appeal of DotYork, and need a name that reflects that.

DotYork has never been a technical conference. Yet, when people hear the name, they associated it with tech and often dismiss it based on that. In fact, DotYork was more about hearing from the experiences of people working in the web. Having people share their stories (good and bad) in the hope to inspire others. It’s that that I want to do more of. And, not only for people who makes websites, and not necessarily in York either.

Future events will take a name based on their content. They’ll all come under the umbrella of my storytelling brand ‘Anecdotes’.

The next event will be ‘Humans and Robots’ but that doesn’t mean the next one will be. Each event will have standalone branding, reflective of the topics we’ll be covering. So you know what you’re going to get based on the name.

Rest assured that they’ll still have the same qualities of DotYork that you’ve come to expect. I hope that with this change, events will become more inclusive and we’ll have a broader range of people to meet.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported DotYork. I hope you’ll stick with me on this next chapter.


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